1:2:1 Connect

Are you interested in meeting with local female leaders in LA for career networking?

Women Leaders LA invites you to join our one-on-one member networking program, Women Leaders LA Connect, hosted by Spark Collaboration. Sign up for the launch webinar on May 21st at 4pm. A Zoom link will be provided after you register.

What are some of the benefits of connecting 1:2:1 with other women leaders?

  •  Expanding your network
  • Making connections outside of your own immediate industry or age group.

  • Building a diverse network that is more powerful in problem solving (i.e., a bigger range of ideas)

 How does this work?

  • If you would like to participate, you opt in and pay the annual fee of $30.

  • Each month, starting in June, you will receive your match. It is up to you, and your match, to initiate contact and set up the meeting. Please be sure to check your spam mail as Spark Collaboration emails sometimes go to spam.

  • Please note the match is random. This means sometimes you will get someone who is in a different age bracket, from a different industry. That’s the point of diverse connections.

  • You and your Spark Collaboration match choose the most appropriate way to connect remotely- phone, Zoom, Google Hangout, etc. 

  • Please be courteous and respond to your match. This is an opt in program, and you have a month to have a conversation with them

What does my $30 fee cover?

  • Twelve 1:2:1 matches with other Women Leaders LA participants for purposes of networking through Spark Collaboration starting in June 2020

No refunds are available

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